Starting to plan a new look - any suggestions?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
I want to completely redo my blog's look soon. Any suggestions on who to go to for good layouts and graphics? Also, are there any resources on this subject that you've posted or found particularly helpful? I'd love to read them!




  1. I wish I knew! I'm new to blogging and still working on my 'look'. :)

    Commenting back with my shiny new Alexa toolbar!

    A Helicopter Mom

  1. Katie said...:

    I'm in the process of getting a new layout together (so it will be ready when I move from blogger to wordpress) and have come across a couple of blogs that do layouts - will do a layout in exchange for you making a donation to a charity and then from that site I found Blogs for a Cause ( and I am working with Nikki now to get a header for my blog. I emailed her this afternoon and the work is pretty much already done!

  1. spearmint baby said...:

    i am in the process of redoing all of my blogs (& switching to wordpress)...
    we just finished up the new logos and the entire design/logos should be done by the end of april. i wrote a post about my designer if interested:

    BTW, found you on the alexa blog hop! i'm your newest follower ;)) shari

  1. mrsking14 said...:

    I won my blog makeover from Princess In Pigtails Designs. Go check her out! Very affordable and fast!

    Helping lower your Alexa! Showing some love from Dinosaurs & Dandelions!

  1. Following you from the Alexa Hop... let's lower Alexa's together...

  1. Brittany said...:

    I would recommend these two:

    I am a layout changing addict!

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