Spring Forward - Don't Forget Daylight Savings!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sundays are the last day of my work-week. They're also the busiest, so I need all the zzzz's I can get most Saturday nights. Tonight, however, even going to bed an hour early won't help me get extra rest, because it's Daylight Savings Time! At 2 a.m. we "spring forward" an hour, and that means I lose an hour of sleep!

On the bright side, I suppose that means I'll be one hour closer to the start of my "weekend" over Monday/Tuesday.

Have you ever missed anything because you forgot to Spring Forward/Fall Back?


  1. imaclutz89 said...:

    Thanks for the heads up. I hate losing an hour of sleep!

  1. Suz said...:

    Thanks for the reminder. I have to work today, and I'd like to show up on time.

  1. Mandy said...:

    Yes! It makes for a really long night when your daughter is throwing up all night too!

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