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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"The fabric of existence weaves itself whole."
~ Charles Ives

This decorating tip is part of a series based on the nightclub-themed birthday party I held on 02/26/11. Over the next week or so I'll be posting several of the ideas and items that really helped make it a success!

*** Note: Images in this post might not 100% reflect the actual effect since they were taken with normal lighting instead of the actual lighting used in the party, which was too dark to get good pictures. ***

Turning an open, cheerful livingroom/kitchen/dining nook with white walls and light woodwork into a darkened, seductive club environment was a bit tricky. One way to give a plush feel to the space and connect all three areas was to use a dark fabric throughout. I happened to have a half-dozen or so nice sheer maroon curtain panels that I picked up at a thrift store last year. The picture above is of the main window, which was a crucial thing since it takes up most of one wall in the area where the dance floor was. Here's another shot, but with some sunshine coming through (picture was taken in the daytime):

I also used the curtains in the food area to cover a door:

And in the kitchen to cover my light cabinetry and a few smaller windows:

Curtains make a great option for getting lots of fabric at fairly low cost if you hunt around. I got all of mine for under $10 in a lucky thrift store find, but you can also get them on sale/clearance online or at your local stores. For example, these purple panels are a great deal (2 for $4.47):

Don't forget dark tablecloths!

You can also use different fabric as an accent decoration. I'd recommend sticking with dark colors, like this deep green velvety scrap from my sewing/cloth box I threw on a side table:

Overall the fabric really helped in transforming my home into a dance club. There's no way I would have gotten the same atmosphere without it.


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