PBS, NPR Threatened - Congress is debating whether to completely eliminate funding

Friday, February 18, 2011

"Brought to you in part by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting"
~ Thousands of shows and radio programs over the years

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, or CPB, helps fund public television and radio. Sesame Street, Nova, and PBS News Hour are just some of the shows that recieve funding, and radio stations such as National Public Radio(NPR) and many smaller television and radio stations (like my local classical station!) depend on these funds to operate.

Congress is currently considering not just reducing but COMPLETELY CUTTING all federal funds. Without this funding many stations and programs would have to end - especially those in smaller communities.

News, educational shows, documentaries and the arts - all of these will suffer, and all of these enrich us as individuals and as a nation!

Please, contact your Congressman and let him or her know that the CPB is an investment in our country!

To find out more about the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, check out their website at www.cpb.org

You can read an NPR article about the proposed elimination here.


  1. Saretta said...:

    Oh, that's horrible! I used to love PBS when I lived in the States. It's so rare to find quality TV programming.
    I'm following you now!

  1. Tiffany S. said...:

    I love PBS, it's home to some of the few quality children's shows on tv right now. Thanks for the info.

    I'm following back from YOungWIfeANdMom.com. Take care! =)

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