It's my Birthday!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
We're not doing a lot to celebrate tonight since we're having the big party on Saturday, but my sweetheart did surprise me with flowers, a small cake and a great gift (more about that in another post).

On another birthday note, I won a $15 code from (my 3rd win from them!) and it showed up in my email this morning. I splurged and bought this light for my party:

I'll definitely put up a review once we get it in and set up! It's sound sensitive (lights move to the beat of the music) so hopefully it will add some great atmosphere and put on a bit of a show. It might be a bit expensive for a light, but thus far I've spent very little on this party. There was room in my budget - and this will definitely be a big decor centerpiece!

Well, that's about it for today - time to go have another slice of cake!


  1. Eve said...:

    Happy Birthday! :D

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