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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I've always got an eye out for inexpensive everyday luxuries - those little indulgences that make me feel like I'm living high without breaking the bank. This is Everyday Luxury #1 - Handmade Caramels.

I love caramel. Unwrapping a buttery piece and savoring it slowly is one of my favorite small treats. Pair this with a relaxing bubble bath and I'm in heaven!

Of course, if you're going to indulge, you want to make sure you truly feel a little spoiled. While I enjoy supermarket caramels, for moments like this I go for my special stash of homemade sea-salt caramels.

Back in September I won some Fleur de Sel caramels made by TheCaramelJar from The Review Stew. These were amazing - they were sweet, salty, and melted in my mouth. The creator states that they work hard to be natural and eco-friendly - caramels are made from "all natural/organic ingredients" and were wrapped in natural parchment paper.

Fleur de Sel Soft and Chewy Caramels - 1lb in an Eco Friendly Wax Paper Bag ($17 + $5.65 shipping)

When I felt the urge to restock, I decided to try another seller to see how they'd compare. I went with DiedreWood. Also extremely good, these were firmer and slightly saltier. They were also less expensive. They were packaged for a little longer of a shelf life (hand-wrapped in plastic and shipped in a resealable bag), which works well for my "indulge a little at a time" attitude.

1lb Fleur de Sel Caramels ($14.50 + $5.65 shipping)

If you want just a little bit of caramel, you can also get smaller amounts for less from these and other sellers on Etsy.com. If they're anything like the caramels I've tried, however, you might regret not getting more!

P.S. - Be careful not to accidentally buy soap! Doesn't it look yummy?


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