Zardoz - the Sean Connery you never knew

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Stay behind my aura."

~ Zed, Zardoz

If you heard there was a movie starring a Bond-era Sean Connery that had often-fired guns, occasionally-naked women, and a score by an award-winning composer, you might find yourself semi-interested. If you then heard that Mr. Connery spent most of the film in what can best be described as an orange diaper, you might think you heard wrong.

Through the power of Netflix I was recently introduced to Zardoz, a 1973 movie set in the 23rd century. Since at that time he was riding high on James Bond glory, you might think that ol’ S.C. would have his choice of truly excellent acting opportunities. On the flip side, it definitely took someone with his skills to make this self-important, drug-trippy film come even close to working.

If you want a flick for your next bad movie night with friends, you might consider this one. There is plenty to laugh and talk about, and the social commentary it makes about the early 70’s is extremely transparent.

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few thoughts from our viewing (without giving any of the movie away):

- His genetic code is a jellyfish?
- Friend can rock the pink tights.
- So is drawn-on facial hair hip in 2293?
- Sean Connery isn’t very good at mime...
- “Needz”: the lolcatz have taken over the future!


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