Halloween Costume Idea - Living Statue

Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Dear God! How beauty varies in nature and art. In a woman the flesh must be like marble; in a statue the marble must be like flesh."

~ Victor Hugo

I’m thinking about putting together a greek/roman statue costume for Halloween this year. If you’ve never seen a living statue, it involves painting oneself and wearing clothes made to look like they’re made of whatever material you’re going for - bronze, marble, stone, etc. I’m thinking about doing marble (white).

So let’s see.....white makeup. White clothing. White shoes - I doubt I can get away with being barefoot. White wig? Unless I find a way to give my hair a sort of artificial texture, I think I might have to find a wig.

One detail possibility is white contacts. The closest you can really get to all white are these lattice screen lenses, which impair vision a little (no driving) but would be fine for a party or two.

Another option is doing a broken statue thing like in this video:


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