Ladies and Gentlemen, it's a WootOff!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

There's a WootOff going on at!

What is a WootOff, you ask? Well, was one of the original daily deal sites. Occasionally, this Texas-based company needs to clear out their warehouse, so instead of doing just one deal they'll do a day or two (or sometimes even three) where they post one item at a time at a sale price, following that item up with another one when it sells out. In the last few years they've added (toys and kids products) and (wine, cheeses and other gourmet items), they also run simultaneous wootoffs on these too! It's a great way to snag some deals.

The grand prize, though, is the woot "Bag O' Crap" (or BOC). At some point instead of a regular item a brown paper bag will appear for $3 with $5 shipping. If you're really fast, and I mean really really fast, you might be able to grab one of these fabled items. It's basically a mystery grab-bag with at least 3 items and at least one type of bag. People have gotten TVs, mp3 players, cameras and other awesome goodies - but some have also gotten 33 of the same calendars or a ton (literal about a ton, it was delivered on a truck) of car wax! It's always a mystery and always fun, so for $8 it's totally worth it.

Go check out the wootoff! It started today so it should run at least through tomorrow.


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